Vanessa De Vignani

Born to ride wild in Margno, the very heart of the mountains surrounding Lecco.
Snowboarding is her thrill,so she gets the National Instructor licence and turns her passion into life.
Her favourite still remains splitboard exploration of anything over 45% grades.
Her outstanding descents: Laurousa couloir from Coolidge, NW couloirs from Busazza Peak, couloirs Dito and Pericle in the Adamello Range,Palù Peak in the Bernina Range,Etna Volcano in Sicily.

Laurent Guyot

best known as "Lolo BSD", has built his reputation in one of the world most famous snowkite spots, Lautaret Pass (France).
Just give him a kite and he will find a great way to use it. Kiteboarding, Kitesurfing, Landikite and obviously Snowkiting, the activity he started in 2011,is now a real craze.
Of all his "shades", Freestyle is certainly his favourite and he is definitely one of the greatest riders in the world.
Thanks in part to a special board Comera especially created for him, he was probably the first rider to perform board-off tricks on a snowboard, freeing his feet in the air.
Searching for new tricks, he organizes yearly a snowkite camp (BSD snowkite camp) in order to share his experience with anyone who wants to join in.