Comera Snowboards
Freeride snowboards strictly handmade, proudly made in Lecco



Pietro Marzorati:
Rider by vocation, engineer by profession.
Davide Bernasconi:
Founder of Comera Snowboards.
Marco Moretti:
Ambassador, tester and teacher.
With a steep curriculum to be envied many professionals, Pietro is the jumper between riding and the pursuit of the highest quality of the product. In 2012, a 3-month-trip to Canada opened his mind. Since then,garage,resin and milling machine have become his daily bread and that crazy dream came true. Founder of Asen Park team and alpinist. He’s been working at the project from the very beginning. In 2017 he became National Snowboard teacher.


Snowboarding blends with mountaineering, backcountry blends with freeride to enjoy Winter in the most daring style.

Full speed, fluidity, height, adrenaline, woods, powder, ice, climbing skins, ice axes.
Comera wants to marry the extraordinary world of snowboarding to the wildest side of the unspoiled mountains, far from the madding crowds of the ski runs.

The playground for our boards are The Alps, where our experience has grown and where we design handcraft and test them.

It all started in 2014 when Berna (Davide Bernasconi), a great mountain and snow lover, “infected” his snow pals Moretz (Marco Moretti) and Pietro Marzorati.

We bet on ourselves and on the strongly freeride oriented snowboarding universe,which is our guiding star. An ambitious young project willing to grow smart.
A board line by snowboarders for snowboarders, who love and respect nature optimizing waste.

Còmera gets its name from the steepest and most aesthetic channel on Mount Resegone, which offers short but steep powder slopes headlong onto the city of Lecco.